Panemunė Castle, Jurbarkas district, Lithuania.

2018 07 18 - 2018 10 07

Time is running fast * The wind is whistling in the ruins * Protecting loneliness * No wish to leave * I have to help them to get out * I do not know the reason why * Those hide who can * Trying to calm down each other * Falling in despair * Dipped in blackness * One by one * Instructed them to lay down one next to the other * In a row. Pivonia's forest * Painfully waiting * It started all over again * We all shot into the pit * I shot only once, but I don’t know whom I hit * Clogged with lime * It’s getting darker more and more * Mass murder according to the plan * Constant effort * Little by little * On the edge of the abyss * Many years ago * Strong need * Supposed to be a beautiful summer day * Hard to imagine * Tried not to move * I want to forget everything * Unmanageable force * Impersonal process * Pours into the surface * Fixed rates * It’s getting emptier around * How many of us are not existing anymore * In a moment * He could actually do something terrible * Following evening * Will fail to escape * All that time * On the railroads * No chance to choose * I'm looking at a crowd of people with bundles * It will happen again in a similar way to before *Feels weirdly good * Instead of going * After feeling the death * Will not be able to return back * Sleepless nights * Starts drizzling * Feeling the upcoming devastation * I run outside * Tearful evening * Yellow field * Sorrowful landscape * To enter * Remained in the distance * Pale memories * Incredible * Gray hope * Window * During that evening * Faces * Everything settles down * Endless



Exhibition "Khóra: Gdanskas Vilniuje, Vilnius Gdanske"

2017 11 10 - 24



Painting Exhibition „Single and Connected“

2017 09 14 - 2017 11 02

Compensa Concert Hall, Kernavės st. 84, Vilnius 08216


2016 August. Open studio "Whispering". Cité Internationale des Arts. Paris. France.



Painting exhibition "WHEN CHOICE IS NO CHOICE". Gallery "Aidas". Jaksto st. 9, Vilnius. May 19th -June 8th 2016



Painting exhibition "Behind leafage beyond the mountains" . Pylimo gallery. Vilnius 2014 04 15-05 03



Ieva Skauronė. 'About Goddesses and People', Gallery BTL, Bialystok, Poland.

The series of pastel drawings I present in this exhibition "About Goddesses and People" is based on the images of archeological findings of Neolithic cultures across Europe collected by worldwide well-known Lithuanian archeologist Marija Gimbutas.

While making the interpretations of different images of Goddesses done many thousand years ago I was thinking about women's role in nowadays society and about key things which did not change through ages...


Solo painting exhibition "... if only ..."

Gallery "Akademija", Vilnius, 2012 07 16-27

While painting this set of works about the impossible journey in time and place I was emotionally in another culture, another religion together with all women and their experiences somewhere in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran or Eastern Turkey ...

If only you could choose, change, resist, withstand...


Chisinau International Painting Biennial, Moldova, 2011

Ieva Skauronė.

A Couple and One More I. 2010. Oil, canvas. 50x60 cm

A Couple and One More II. 2010. Oil, canvas. 50x60 cm


In May 2011 artist Ieva Skaurone took part in the international plein-air painting workshop (Terchova , Slovakia) which was organised by Slovak Union of Artists (UBS).
Zdeno Horecky (Slovakia)
Zuzana Bobovska (Slovakia)
Emilia Hodasova (Slovakia)
Milan Stano (Slovakia)
Jozef Švikruha (Slovakia)
Vasil Beca (Ukraine)
Bernadetta Stiepen (Poland)
Milan Raška (Czech Republic)
Ieva Skauronė (Lithuania)


Ieva Skaurone participated in the International Seminar- Art Symposium „Dialogue -2010“ for artists-professors from Art Universities organised by Latvian Art Academy.

It took place in Zvartava castle (the Latvian Artists Union Creative Art Center) and Riga from the 16th to 31 st of August. Artists-professors from Latvia, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Russia and Lithuania came together to the creative workshop to share their experience and to establish new contacts among Art Universities.



Artist Ieva Skauronė represented Lithuania in the Art camp “Colors for the planet 2010” which took place in Ordino (Principality of Andorra) from July 18th to 29th. It gathered 42 artists coming from 27 countries (Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Andorra, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Serbia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Cambodia, Kuwait, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Haiti, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Seychelles Islands, Rep. Dominica) of 5 continents of the globe to work on the themes proposed by UNESCO ‘s International Year for Cultural Approach.

It is not just the collaboration between three institutions- Andorra National Commission for UNESCO, Ordino City Council and Philanthropic Society BOMOSA what made this Art Camp possible but also artistic expression as common language, creative work and broad program dedicated to each continent. It was an unforgettable experience with the objective of developing and strengthening the relationship among the artists of different nations, improving the way we understand each other and acquiring a more precise and truer knowledge of our respective customs and traditions.



Ieva Skauronė. "About You and Me". Painting. Ukmergė Local Lore Museum, Ukmergė. 2010 05 27- 08 31

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Exhibition of the project “Signs of Identity / Signs of Diversity” in UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, May 15 – 21, 2010

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Ieva Skauronė took part in the 13 th International Art Symposium which was organised by Budapest Highland 12th district (Hungary) and the artist A. Breznay. The art symposium took place in Budapest and in Szantod (nearby the Lake Balaton). “Experience of Movement” was the central theme and the motto of the symposium.

On the 31st of August the exhibition of artworks created in the international art symposium was opened at the Culture center gallery in Budapest.

Participating artists: Mehtab Comert (Turkey), Hajnal Siska-Szabo (Romania), Eva Maria Varsanyi (Italy), Attila Cziglenyi (USA), Julia Angyal (Hungary), Kinga Gyori (Romania), Melinda Boda (Hungary), Ieva Skauronė (Lithuania), Miroljuba Gendova (Bulgaria), Yoshi Heil (Germany), Igor Sokolovsky (Slovakia), Lukacs Janos (Slovakia), Oleg Szmirnov (Russia), Gergely Fuzes (Hungary), Agi Medveczky (Ukraine), Kovacs Lehel (Romania), Balazs Barna (Hungary), Andras Breznay (Hungary)


Plein –air painting workshop "Between Vilnius and Kaunas towers," Bikuškis Manor (Utena district); 10 - 20th of June, 2009

The 7 th plein-air painting workshop "Between Vilnius and Kaunas towers" was held in Bikuškis Manor (Utena district) by current estate’s owners Dalia and Gintaras Gruodžiai.


Participating artists: Valentinas Ajauskas, Jovita Aukštikalnytė, Ausma Bankauskaitė, Elena Balsiukaitė-Brazdžiūnienė, Rebeka Bruder, Linas Gelumbauskas, Aistė Bugailiškytė – Kapočienė, Antanas Obcarskas, Vytautas Poška, Virgis Ruseckas, Ieva Skauronė, Vigintas Stankus.

20th of June the opening of plein-air painting exhibition took place in Bikuškis Manor

June 12th, 2008
Place: Vilnius gates, A. Tumėno str. 4, Vilnius.
Topic: "Communicative Art".
Artist Ieva Skauronė took part in a one-day exhibition/auction/discussion “Outbreak of Art” organized by ARTonline art gallery online. I. Skauronė’s painting "Passers -By" was presented to the auction. The event was attended by artists Aušra Kleizaitė, Jūratė Rekevičiūtė, Linas Cicėnas, Tadas Gindrėnas, Inga Dargužytė, Arūnė Tornau, Eglė Vertelkaitė, Romualdas Balinskas, Ieva Skauronė and other cooperating with the gallery artists.